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Tiger Woods Out of the Top 100 for the first time since 1996

For the very first time since the year 1996, Tiger Woods would not be featuring on the top 100 list of golfers in the world ranking. Woods is indeed placed at the 104th position this past week.

Woods had not played ever since he withdrew himself from the Farmers Insurance Open on the 6th of February. The last time that Woods was out of the top 100 golf players was on the 29th of September 1996, almost two decades ago when he was positioned at the 225th place. A week following his 225th ranking, Woods had brilliantly won the Las Vegas Invitational. He was 20 years old at that time and was the first of his PGA Tour victories. He went on to win 78 more PGA victories, bringing the total to 79 victories.

Until date speculations are rife regarding Woods’ return. In February the player had stated that his scores were not up to his set standards and he would not want to return to professional play until he brought back him game to a tournament-worthy shape. Woods would not be required to make any formal announcement as to whether he would be playing Masters until the tournament would start on the forthcoming 9th of April.

Woods have had quite some impressive statistics throughout his career. From the British Open in 1999 to the US Open in 2008, he has played 40 majors. This period was the prime one in his career in which he had won 13 out of the 40.

Sebastian Vettel Wins the Malaysian Grand Prix

The news proved to be quite sensational as Sebastian Vettel won the Malaysia Grand Prix for Ferrari, defeating Lewis Hamilton in the process. Vettel had joined the Ferrari this year as a replacement for Fernando Alonso. His GP win this year was a strategic one while Mercedes could not compete due to struggles with their types in the tropical heat of Malaysia.

Hamilton’s team-mate at Mercedes Nico Rosberg came out third from Kimi Raikkonen from Ferrari who kept the fight going despite a puncture experienced earlier during the day.

This incredible performance by Vettel and Ferrari acted as a wake-up call for Formula 1 in general and Mercedes. The German manufacturer had indeed been dominating the sport from the start of last season. This win raises some questions about Mercedes chances of winning the world champion this year. Vettel proved that Mercedes would have to fight and unexpected competition with Ferrari picking up on their stance.

Vettel initially started second during the Grand Prix. He then took the lead when while Mercedes decided to call in Hamilton for a stop for a safety car period early in the game. Mercedes opted to go on with the majority of the race on the slower hard type as they believe in provided greater resilience on their car. However, Vettel opted for the faster medium tyre for most of the race and this proved that Hamilton was not able to get on terms.

This race marked an unbelievable turnaround by Ferrari considering that for the past year they have experienced their worst season for 21 years.

Choosing the Best Soccer Shoes For Your Field Position

Each soccer player has a unique style of playing. You might either have developed a unique game approach while playing for a particular field position. As such, your particular style along with your position has a huge impact on the choice of soccer cleats. Most players would be seeking comfort. Along with that, they would also be looking for performance. The tips below might come handy if you are seeking to buy your next soccer cleats.


Goalkeepers would generally be seeking good ground traction. This is due to the requirement of lateral motion in their job. They have to move to either sides of their goal post. Shoes chosen by goalkeepers need to provide enough power for strong kick-outs. They also need to make efficient back-passes.

Defense players

Defense players would be requiring accrued protection from their shoes in order to be able to perform clean passes for the other team members.


Comfort and control are some of the main factors that the midfielder would be looking for in his perfect soccer cleat. Some brands would be making cleats specifically designed for celebrity midfielder. You might want to check these out to determine whether they would be suiting your needs as well. These type of shoes promote efficiency during the whole game.


Wing players require light cleats in order to perform as efficiently as possible. They need to accelerate fast and change directions as swiftly as possible.

Forward players

These types of players require shoes that provide an optimum strike close to the strike zone. Perfect forward shoes should be light to help them to perform explosive movements quickly.

How To Choose a Baseball Bat

Written by: Sports Spot

When it comes to baseball, choosing the perfect bat greatly impacts the quality of the game. The ideal bat should be of the right weight, right size and right length for you. But it should also be selected within your determine budget. With improvements in sports technology, bats now come in more variety than ever. Players are now able to choose bats as per their requirements, getting the feel that the bat was custom made for them. Most players, unless those playing pro or in the wood-bat league would be handling aluminium bats and the tips below might help in your selection.


Generally, players with a bigger or stronger constitution would prefer heavy bats for added power. While smaller players would be requiring light bats to promote speed. In order to determine the right bat, the player should swing a variety to know which one has a comfortable weight.


The right length along with the right weight would yield the optimum performance. A long bat would provide a greater reach which would allow players to hit on the other side of the plate. However, a longer bat may be heavier and the additional weight might slow down the player.

Barrel diameter

A barrel 2 ¼” is recommended for most players of 12 or under. This size is for the standard barrel for Dixie Youth and Little League baseball. Some leagues might be using larger barrels of 2 ¾”.

League requirements

Most leagues have their own specific bat requirements and restriction. High school and colleges bats would need to comply with BBCOR-certified requirements.