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Youth Soccer Development: The Mental Impact of Juggling

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Summary: Juggling is a skill that requires agility, balance, and mental awareness.

Developing the proper juggling skills in training provides key benefits to players like balance, agility, and touch. This guide will over all the aspects individually to help you train your youth soccer team.

The Importance of Juggling

When you juggle, you need to combine both body control and touch. Being able to make quick, on-the-spot, decisions and adjustments with your large and small muscles is a requirement for juggling, and players that have elite balance are the ones that bring their game to a whole new level. For instance, if one of your players develops the right tendencies, you’ll see him or her be able to drive to the right but also be able to stop on the dime and shoot with his or her left without losing balance. It’s a critical aspect that plays an important role in the game.

The Power of Touch

The pro players can essentially feel the ball through their shoes. They know what part of the foot touches the ball and how each stroke of contact will affect the ball’s velocity and direction. This is done through practice and muscle memory. For instance, tossing a ball from back and forth from one hand to another can be done relatively easy, right? What makes you think that you can’t train your players to do the same with a soccer ball instead? Your mind is essentially your fingertips. By encouraging juggling, you’ll develop touch, which translates into a more well-rounded game for any player. Passes will become more accurate, opponents will have a more difficult time defending, and pressure won’t equate to anything as your players will be able to successfully hold the ball without fear of it getting ripped from them.

An Agile Nature and a Sharp Mind

The ability to change directions on the fly is a crucial component of soccer. As stated before, juggling increase balance and can also improve one’s overall agility. Combining both agile nature and fluid motion can help improve one’s passing and striking ability. Be sure to incorporate plenty o group juggling exercises that incorporate both movement and control. The key to these exercises is challenging the players and making them think about what they’re going to do with each step. This forces the body to contort in ways they’re not accustomed to. And, with enough practice, it’ll become second nature to them – turning them into a versatile weapon that can be used on every part of the field.

Lewis Hamilton controversially wins the Austrian Grand Prix

Article Written by : Holistic Soccer – Soccer Futsal News, Opinions and Product Recommendations

dentsportLewis Hamilton won the 2016 Austrian Grand Prix after a final lap collision between himself and teammate Nico Rosberg, who was leading at the time. After a brake-by-wire failure going into turn one, Rosberg lost a lot of ground.

“He made a mistake into Turn 1,” Hamilton said of Rosberg, “and so I had an opportunity to go down the outside into Turn 2. I left a lot of room on the inside, and I guess he locked up and crashed into me. I think he had a problem with his brakes.”

As you would expect, Rosberg was extremely unhappy:

“I am absolutely gutted;  it is unbelievable,” Rosberg said. “The sport sometime…I was sure to win that race and then I lost it on the last lap. It is pretty intense.”

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff was angry: “Brainless! Seeing both cars nearly colliding is upsetting. It could have easily been a double DNF.”

Rosberg limped his car home in fourth after being passed by Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikonnen passed his slowing car. Something he was called out on the stewards for, in addition to taking the blame for collision with Hamilton:

“”Having taken note of the extensive evidence given by both drivers and the video and telemetry data, it was apparent that Car 44 (HAM) was in front of Car 6 (ROS) – i.e. more than fully alongside – and that the driver of Car 44 could have clearly made the turn (T2) on the track, if not for the resultant collision.

“Car 6 did not allow Car 44 ‘racing room’ and hence the driver of Car 6 was responsible for the collision.”

Now, as a result of the collision, Mercedes will be deciding shortly whether to implement team orders and freeze the order of the drivers beyond a certain point in the race. This might be the only way to prevent it happening again this year.