How Bill Buckner Became a Scapegoat for the City of Boston

By Phin Upham

In 1986, the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox dueled for the World Series title. The two teams were bitter rivals in the eyes of their fans, and that part is important. How fans perceived what happened in this series had an intriguing effect on one man’s life.

It was game 6 in the bottom of the tenth inning. Kevin Mitchell was on third, Ray Knight on first. The feeling was tense. The Red Sox were sitting on two outs, with just one more strike to go. It would be their first title win in 68 years, but the Mets were prepared to duke it out.

They’d come back from a point deficit to tie the game. This was literally a make or break moment.

Mookie Wilson hit a slow roller toward first base and several things happened at once. Bill Buckner moved up on the ground ball and attempted to grab it closer to the first base bag. He was afraid of Mitchell’s speed and wanted to react quickly. He set his glove down and ran through a drill every pee-wee baseball player goes through: fielding a ground ball. Only he missed.

The crowds erupted, and the moment would haunt Buckner throughout his career. He would later play for the California Angels, eventually accumulating 2,700 hits over a career of twenty years. But Boston fans couldn’t bring themselves to forgive him until 2008. Buckner was invited to throw the first pitch to his former teammate Dwight Evans during the unfurling of the 2007 Championship banner. Buckner had retired in 1990, the moment long past him. He finally received a four minute standing ovation and a proper greeting back to Boston.

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Can Mercedes handle driver rivalry?

With just 76 days to go the Melbourne Albert Park formula 1 season is closer than you think. The melbourne grand prix will test 22 cars from 11 teams. But can Mecedes handle driver rivalry?

The team’s head Toto Wolff has been looking at how to handle rivalry between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The tension between the two was clear, when Rosberg found his form in the final 6 races. This could be because Hamilton eased off, since he had the title with 3 races to finish.


Wolff has raised the possibility of letting the drivers race more freely.

“I want the dominance to continue but if it were to continue like this I need to think what we do so we do not become the enemy,” Wolff told the Mail. “Maybe it’s about unleashing them completely. Give them their own strategy.”

Both Hamilton and Rosberg have been given the freedom to complete track with guidelines. The guidelines states that the lead driver always gets first choice for pit stop timing. This is done in order to protect the driver behind been given an unfair advantage of being able to stop and gaining extra speed. But this prevents the drivers from beating one another between two evenly matched cars.

Wolff has also stated that he is considering changing the line up if rivalry between the drivers starts to affect the team. This statement comes at a time where Rosberg’s contract is up for renewal at the end of the season.

America’s Greatest Athlete: Jim Thorpe

By Phineas Upham

Jim Thorpe is widely considered by American fans to be one of the greatest athletes to have ever walked the Earth. He was of Sac and Fox descent, hailing from Oklahoma. From an early age, Thorpe was dedicated to playing sports. He was an all-star for several All-American Indian teams, and he had a successful tour of barnstorming as a basketball player.

The practice of barnstorming might be foreign to modern audiences because of the ever-present nature of live sports and television. Barnstorming was more like an exhibition match, and it gave players of minority descent a better opportunity to play in various sports they would otherwise not find an audience with. For example, black basketball players frequently played baseball in barnstorm games.

Thorpe would go on to win the Olympic Gold Medals for the pentathlon and decathlon, and he played both professional and collegiate American football. That’s where most of his fame comes from, but Thorpe was really an all-around player who was competent in most sports.

While Thorpe was widely respected throughout his career, he was forced to retire at age 41 when the Great Depression fell into full swing and money for sports dried up. Like most of the populace of the time, Thorpe struggled to find work after that. He never fully recovered and spent the remaining years of his life wrestling with both failing health and increasing alcoholism.

Although Thorpe’s medals were stripped in 1913 for having played professional sports during the time leading up to his Olympic performances, his medals were restored in 1983. Unfortunately, the original medals, which were held in a sports museum, were stolen and never recovered. The reinstated medals also had to be remade.

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Shopping for Soccer Season: The Basics Every Player Needs

It’s time for the holidays, and that means lots of parents and friends of small kids are hitting the Web in search of discount soccer equipment. The good news is that you can almost always find deals on major brands, like Diadora soccer or adidas, but you should be sure you’re purchasing equipment your players will actually use.

Soccer is a game that requires few piece of equipment to get started, but the right equipment can make a big difference to the players in your life.


Is your child playing indoors or outdoors? That makes a difference, as indoor cleats won’t have as much traction on grass. Indoor cleats are designed to look more like a regular shoe you’d wear on the street. Imagine a low profile and gum outsole and you’ve basically got the gist. Outdoor soccer cleats have varying degrees of firmness designed for different field conditions. Even artificial turf has recommended shoes players should don before hitting the pitch. Traction makes a big difference.

Without a doubt, adidas soccer shoes are one of the most recognizable and high-end brands. Diadora and Nike are two other reputable brands that offer superior quality to all levels of play.


A quality ball doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive one. The first thing to notice is the size of the ball, as different leagues have varying requirements regarding size. High-quality balls use a polyester thread that is hand stitched, while most manufactured balls use machinery for this process. The panels are turned inside out and stitched together so none of the stitching will show. Check the packaging for what details you can glean.


Soccer is a physical sport, but not to the same degree as tackle football. The main focus for protection should be the player’s legs. Tackling in soccer puts a player’s legs at risk, so shin guards and knee-high socks are fairly standard purchases for new players. Goalkeepers will also want to grab gloves to help absorb the impact of the ball being kicked at them.

Loose Ends

It’s a good idea to have a bag you can use to carry all of this equipment inside, and teams will feel more cohesive if you have matching kits for the players to wear before they hit the pitch. Be sure you speak with your organization to find out what they are covering. Some teams order the matching kit and take your money, rather than you finding this uniform on your own.
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How Klopp Has Resurrected Liverpool’s Hopes in the English Premier League

Even if Jurgen Klopp has been at Liverpool for eight matches, the effect that he is having on the club is substantial.

Without a doubt, the win over Manchester City over the weekend by 4 goals to 1 can be attributed to a beautiful display of counterattacking football. This is in stark contrast to the loss at Old Trafford by 3 goals to one just about 70 days ago.

Even if the starting XI’s between these two games were identical, there was barely any creativity and imagination shown in the latter.

So, how has Klopp brought about this change?

For starters, one of his strategies was the get back possession of the ball when it is lost. This is clear given that the number of interceptions that Liverpool made in the game against City was thrice as much against United two months ago. This was no different with the number of tackles made – from 23 in the United game to 32 against City.

dentsportIn fact, they were so intense in that game that they attempted the fifth most number of tackles and interceptions in a Premier League game. While this is just one instance, the average number of tackles and interceptions per game has increased under Klopp.

Apart from this, they also covered a lot more distance than the same players did against United. Yet this isn’t just one game since they’ve been running much more than under Rodgers.

Last but not the least, Klopp is also known for getting the best out of his players. In this case, it has been Firmino even if he wasn’t fit at the beginning of the season. It’s clear that he has been a lot of freedom in the ‘false 9’ position. The same goes for Lallanna too.

Bayern becomes first Bundesliga club to win nine opening season games, Keep seven point lead over Dortmund

Bayern Munich becomes the first side in the Bundesliga to win nine times in a row, thanks to Muller’s strike in the first half of the game against Werder Bremen.

Incidentally, this was Muller’s ninth strike of the season too as he went past a lacklustre Bremen with a ball from Alcantara. He beat the keeper with his first touch and then put the ball in the net with his second.

Of course, there was controversy as well. With almost 90 percent possession in the first half, they almost obtained a penalty when Lewandowski was caught by the Bremen keeper’s studs.

dentsportIn speaking of what took place, Lewandowski said, “It was a penalty. It’s a pity the referee didn’t give it. It would be a bigger issue if it had been decisive but we won. Three points.”

At the other end, Anthony Ujah missed Bremen’s only chance when he took a shot at goal only to hit it straight at Neuer who isn’t known for making any mistakes.

With this victory, that totals to 999 win in the Bundesliga, Bayern remains at the top of the table with a lead of seven points over Borussia Dortmund.

In summing up their performance, their manager, Guardiola said, “The performance was enough this time but we’ll need more in the coming weeks.”

Also, Schalke beat a 10-man Hertha Berlin to stay in third spot, Darmstadt beat Augsburg to claim ninth spot. Wolfsburg defeated Hoffenheim to take the fourth spot. Bayer Leverkusen drew with Hamburger SV which resulted in the club dropping to ninth place overall.


A Guide to Finding the Right Soccer Shoe

Soccer shoes are essential to the game. If you are new to the sport, here are some tips that will help you select the right pair of cleats for you.

With all of the different soccer equipment options available on the market, there are definitely plenty of decisions that you’re going to have to make. What style of shoe are you looking for? Is there a particular brand that you prefer? What position are you playing? All these factors play a role in the type of shoe that you are going to end up purchasing.

One thing that you have to remember is that purchasing a more expensive shoe won’t make you a better player. An endorsement by a professional FIFA player isn’t enough to dramatically change your game play. It’s important to select the shoe that’s right for your style of play. An ideal pair will help develop and improve your skills through practice and comfort.

There are multiple types of materials used in soccer shoes. Not every shoe is made in the same way. For instance natural leather, such as calf skin, provides a unique feel that some say improve their grip. Another example is synthetic material which has a thinner feel to the shoe.

Companies have been providing soccer players with plenty of options in regards to the design of the shoe. adidas soccer shoes have been a popular choice due to their versatility and different styles available. Each company offers something different and it’s worth checking them all out.

Everybody has their preference in what feels the best for their game. The bulk of playing soccer has to do with comfortably controlling the ball with your feet. It’s important to test out the different possibilities that the market is offering to see what works well for you.

With all of the different positions in the game of soccer, is there a certain shoe for a certain position? With each position controlling a certain sector of the game, the different styles of play dictate the type of shoe to wear. First, take a look at what position that you’d like to play. See what their strengths and roles are and base the shoe off of that. For instance, how much traction does a goalkeeper need versus an explosive forward? What type of durability is needed for a midfielder compared to a defender?

With a variety of shoes being continuously produced and enhanced, the market is always growing. Finding the right shoe may not be as easy because there are so many innovative products out there. By taking the time to research what style of shoe is right for you, the only thing left is to go out there and buy them.
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Bayern Chairman considers Muller to be like Messi, Extremely Valuable to the Club

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, the Bayern Munich chairman, has revealed that Muller is like Messi and no amount offered for his skills will convince the club to let him leave.

In speaking with Bild via Goal, Rummenigge said, “Muller will stay at Bayern, regardless of what any club offers. There is no amount that would make us consider an offer. Messi belongs to Barcelona, Rooney belongs to Manchester United and Muller belongs to Bayern. It should stay like that. There might be players out there who have a better technique and who are faster, but there is no second Thomas Muller in this world.”

dentsportIt was clear that Muller was extremely valuable to Bayern and as the chairman puts it represent the Mia San Mia feeling.

Being a part of the World Cup winning squad, Muller was heavily linked to leave for Manchester United but it never materialized because he is an ‘unsellable player’ according to the club.

At the age of 26, Muller has already scored 129 goals in 300 appearances since the year 2000. In addition, he also helped the club win six domestic cups, four Bundesliga titles and a Champions League trophy as well. The Club World Cup and the UEFA Super Cup has also been won by Bayern, thanks to his efforts.

As for this season, the German has already scored eight goals in the same number of appearances. As a result, this has helped Bayern take the top spot in the Bundesliga table too.


3 Reasons Why England Won The 2015 Ashes

The recent past has involved Australia handing out a mauling to the English. The Ashes is a special series and to see England win such an exiting series was a breath of fresh air. It was unexpected which made it all the more exciting.

Here are three reasons England won:

1: English pitches

After losing to Australia on a slow, lifeless pitch at Lord’s, the Tests at Edgbaston and Trent Bridge were true to English conditions. These juicy pitches played to England’s strength and led to Australia’s demise. Of course, after James Anderson bowled them out in Birmingham, the Aussies never really recovered.

2: Australian selection blunders

The loss of Ryan Harris was a blow to the Aussies. The reason for this is he was one of the most reliable bowlers in England for Australia during the 2013 series. The only (and obvious) replacement for Harris was Peter Siddle who proved so in the final Test. The other blunders was dropping Mitchell Marsh for the Trent Bridge Test and finding themselves a bowler short. It definitely helped England win.

3: Stuart Broad’s bowling spells

Stuart Broad has bowled his best in this series. Not only did he bowl a perfect line and length, he also bowled a memorable spell at Trent Bridge to keep the urn. Apart from this, his batting has also improved memorably. It shows that he has worked at it and enjoys batting at the crease too. Without a doubt, there will be more run from Broad in the future for England.


Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Soccer Shoes

Written by Soccer Garage

Selecting the right soccer cleats can be daunting. There is a large variety of soccer shoes in the market. Make a few wrong assumptions and you might end up with the wrong pair for you. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:


Buy shoes according to the surface you play on. Find out the surfaces you will be playing on throughout the season and then buy accordingly. Sometimes you might need multiple pairs for multiple conditions.

Make your selection according to the position you play. Strikers will always need different shoes. This will also vary according to your pay style.

Always buy shoes that fit perfectly, not slightly loose nor slightly tight. Go during the time of day you will end up playing when buying your shoes.

Try to find shoes appropriate to the shape of your feet. This can be tricky because if you have a slightly different foot shape you might need to find custom shoes.


Never buy a pair of soccer shoes, just because your favorite player just bought them. Always stick to what is best for you. The same applies to your soccer uniform.

Do not limit yourself to buying from a physical store, try a search online and find the best deal. Sometimes you can try on a shoe in a physical store and get it cheaper online.

Do not prefer economy over quality. A lot of the time cheaper does not mean better. This is one of those instances. Stick to brands like Adidas soccer shoes.

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