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Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Soccer Shoes

Written by Soccer Shoes.us

Selecting the right soccer cleats can be daunting. There is a large variety of soccer shoes in the market. Make a few wrong assumptions and you might end up with the wrong pair for you. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts:


Buy shoes according to the surface you play on. Find out the surfaces you will be playing on throughout the season and then buy accordingly. Sometimes you might need multiple pairs for multiple conditions.

Make your selection according to the position you play. Strikers will always need different shoes. This will also vary according to your pay style.

Always buy shoes that fit perfectly, not slightly loose nor slightly tight. Go during the time of day you will end up playing when buying your shoes.

Try to find shoes appropriate to the shape of your feet. This can be tricky because if you have a slightly different foot shape you might need to find custom shoes.


Never buy a pair of soccer shoes, just because your favorite player just bought them. Always stick to what is best for you. The same applies to your soccer uniform.

Do not limit yourself to buying from a physical store, try a search online and find the best deal. Sometimes you can try on a shoe in a physical store and get it cheaper online.

Do not prefer economy over quality. A lot of the time cheaper does not mean better. This is one of those instances. Stick to brands like Adidas soccer shoes.

Shopping for Soccer Season: The Basics Every Player Needs

Article by: Top Soccer Buy

It’s time for the holidays, and that means lots of parents and friends of small kids are hitting the Web in search of discount soccer equipment. The good news is that you can almost always find deals on major brands, like Diadora soccer or adidas, but you should be sure you’re purchasing equipment your players will actually use.

Soccer is a game that requires few piece of equipment to get started, but the right equipment can make a big difference to the players in your life.


Is your child playing indoors or outdoors? That makes a difference, as indoor cleats won’t have as much traction on grass. Indoor cleats are designed to look more like a regular shoe you’d wear on the street. Imagine a low profile and gum outsole and you’ve basically got the gist. Outdoor soccer cleats have varying degrees of firmness designed for different field conditions. Even artificial turf has recommended shoes players should don before hitting the pitch. Traction makes a big difference.

Without a doubt, Adidas soccer shoes are one of the most recognizable and high-end brands. Diadora and Nike are two other reputable brands that offer superior quality to all levels of play.


A quality ball doesn’t necessarily mean an expensive one. The first thing to notice is the size of the ball, as different leagues have varying requirements regarding size. High-quality balls use a polyester thread that is hand stitched, while most manufactured balls use machinery for this process. The panels are turned inside out and stitched together so none of the stitching will show. Check the packaging for what details you can glean.


Soccer is a physical sport, but not to the same degree as tackle football. The main focus for protection should be the player’s legs. Tackling in soccer puts a player’s legs at risk, so shin guards and knee-high socks are fairly standard purchases for new players. Goalkeepers will also want to grab gloves to help absorb the impact of the ball being kicked at them.

Loose Ends

It’s a good idea to have a bag you can use to carry all of this equipment inside, and teams will feel more cohesive if you have matching kits for the players to wear before they hit the pitch. Be sure you speak with your organization to find out what they are covering. Some teams order the matching kit and take your money, rather than you finding this uniform on your own.

How to Get the Best Women’s Soccer Gear for You

Not just a sport for men, women’s soccer has taken off substantially in recent years, especially given the success of the US Women’s Soccer Team at the 2012 Olympics. Just like any sport, though, to play at your best you need training as well as the best gear. Nothing says that you have to pay full price at all times for the latest women’s soccer gear, though, when there are a number of online shopping alternatives available today to help fill that need.

Whether you’re in the mood to upgrade your shoes, get some new shin pads or simply sport a new jersey, online soccer specialist stores can provide players and soccer enthusiasts alike with a wide selection of goods at affordable prices. By cutting out most of the costs of operating a traditional brick and mortar store these online stores can offer significant savings over most traditional places.

Browsing catalogs at places such as Soccer Garage can offer up a variety of options to meet their personal needs, both on and off the field. Whether you are looking for a new collection of women’s soccer equipment of a new women’s soccer jersey, being able to buy all that you need in one location can be a lifesaver when you want to spend less time in the stores and more time on the field. By offering a comprehensive selection as well online shops such as this can help you even further by allowing you to buy all your goods in one place, meaning no more having to browse through dozens of websites to find all the different items you need.