July 18, 2024

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Dhoni says “this T20 team can play anywhere in the world”


Skipper for India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, says that his current team is “balanced” and can “take on any team anywhere in the world”.

“Well if you see, more often than not, the team that we have played with (this year in T20’s), looks like a team that can play in any condition, especially in this format. Let’s not talk about the 50-over format. But in T20s, we can play with this team anywhere in the world,” He said after the team’s win against UAE in the Asia Cup.

“We now have three proper seamers, two spinners and if needed part-timers. I think it is the right combination. And even if you go for a few extra runs, with the batting that we have – till No 8, I think we can look to get those extra runs if the opposition scores off us. So I think this team is set for playing in any conditions, whether you are playing in India or outside India. It looks like a very balanced team.”

When asked when he intends to retire, at a Bangladesh conference, he said “I’m not getting rid of myself so soon. Bangladesh will have to face me more often than not. This is one occasion when the question was longer than the answer,” he said with a laugh.

Dhoni said that the final will be tough since the conditions are known well by Bangladesh. “As I said, any good team if they are the home team, they will always know the conditions very well. So to beat a home team is always difficult. Also Bangladesh, over the years has developed a lot. They have improved their strength. They know the condition well, as I have said. It will be a good final”