June 22, 2024

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Why Athletes Should Wear Contact Lenses

Weak vision, such as having trouble focusing on objects that are close to you or further away, is a medical condition that affects several people every year. The sources of this issue can vary widely, such as sun or light exposure, diet, genetic reasons, or general lifestyle. Regardless, modern technology has made it possible for doctors to treat most vision-related troubles.

If you are an athlete, be it for an intramural team or for a professional organization, wearing contact lenses may be the most practical solution.

Flexible Use

One of the main draws of contact lenses is just how unobtrusive they are. If you play football and have to wear a tight helmet filled with padding to protect your head, it would make sense to wear biofinity contact lenses. Wearing standard eyeglasses would be impractical, as you would need to regularly adjust them and you could potentially break them after a rough tackle. Contact lenses are much more compatible with safety gear.

Increased Safety

Contact lenses are also much safer to use than eyeglasses. Some sports, especially contact ones, can become more dangerous when competition gets tough. If you fall or if someone knocks into you on the field the frames can break and cause a serious injury. The glass that the lenses are made out of could also break and become a health hazard. Places like Lens.com have a variety of lenses that will not pose any serious safety risks when you compete, no matter how rough and physical a match-up may get.