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Two differences between mens and womens cleats

Womens soccer cleats these days are more than just a different color and size. During the early eighties and nineties when the popularity of women’s soccer was increasing. Manufacturers did what is known as the “pink em and shrink em” process. They made womens soccer cleats in what they considered to be more “feminine” colors and made them in smaller sizes. This is no longer the case. Womens cleats are now designed for women and have some differences from the men’s version.


While different colors and smaller colors might work for a women’s soccer jersey, womens feet have an anatomical difference to men’s feet. In most cases women can wear men’s shoes if the same size. But for performance, and injury avoidance the shoes need to take into account the above differences.

One of them is that women’s feet taper in towards the heel. Modern womens cleats are designed this way. This gives the wearer a better fit. This translates to better agility, stability and much fewer injuries.

The other big difference is that women have much wider hips along with a much wider angle from the hip to the knee joint. This requires the shoe to have much softer support. Especially in the midsole.

When the shoe is designed with smaller heels and feet in mind along with the softer midsole, there is a lot of excess weight removed. These cleats are lighter and the wearer will be able to perform better with less chance of injury.


Kobe turned down an offer to play for Barcelona in Euroleague

The five time NBA champion was offered a contract by European club FC Barcelona. This would give him a chance to enjoy a longer basketball career overseas. But according to the Spanish sports newspaper, Mundo Deportivo, he has turned down the offer.

After hearing that Bryant may be ending his basketball career with Pau Gasol, the Catalan club put through their offer.

The NBA star had spent most of his childhood in Europe. He has also stated that he admired european basketball players. He however rejected last year’s offer from Barcelona, because he was unsure of the level of his health and if he would be fit enough to play for the entire season.

The star had passed on an offer from barcelona, which included competing for the club in high profile Euroleague games.

Bryant announced that he intends to retire in November this year, after he completes his NBA season. Bryant is also under contract with the lakers and has been for the past 20 years. He is said to receive a $25 million salary.

Bryant has not commented publicly on the rejection of the offer, but he has mentioned in  past in interviews with ESPN, that once he retires from Basketball he intends to start a career as a businessman. In the interview with ESPN in 2014, he said that he had formed a business called Kobe. inc and that he currently has a small team of employees.