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Nike’s Identity Is Crucial To Their Success

Nike’s marketing schemes are dominated by customer expression and emotionally-evoking messages.

Nike has redefined the way sports marketing, and even general marketing, is seen today. Their industry dominance as well as global reach has made them one of the powerhouses in the market.

A Defined Image   Nike

Throughout the years, Nike developed itself into that company with the “swoosh” logo.
It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone can associate the swoosh logo with Nike. They’ve ultimately separated themselves from their competition by not only releasing unique designs and products, but also by partnering up with athletes that are well-known by the public.


Steve Doctrow, who is the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Rogers & Cowan, worked with Nike on several high-profile campaigns. According to Doctrow, the integration of brands and media can substantially raise exposure.

Nike didn’t become a successful company overnight. They rose in popularity because they created a buzz in the scene. They made their product easily identifiable to the public, which increased their overall marketing success through word-of-mouth. They also promote powerful messages to their viewers in commercials and advertisements which factors in to the recognition of the brand.

Raising Awareness To Build Sales

Another important factor that Nike feels strongly about is the emotion that their products carry. If you notice, they place a strong emphasis on how customers express themselves through the use of the product. This not only helps build up awareness for the industry giant, but it also increases overall sales.

Johnny Manziel under investigation on Domestic Violence charges

Late January this year the Dallas Police Department received a complaint of domestic violence that put Johnny Manziel under investigation.


The allegations stated that he beat his former girlfriend Colleen Crowley. The charges were dropped. But it is said that Crowley has now decided to press charges. detectives stated that this was common for domestic violence cases, since the victims tend to delay reporting the assault.

The judge has issued an order of protection, which stated that Manziel will have to stay away from Crowley for 2 years. Crowley informed the police that Manziel beat her repeatedly at a hotel. He than drove her back to her apartment and beat her again.

Manziel’s father, Paul Manziel, stated the following ”I truly believe if they can’t get him help, he won’t live to see his 24th birthday,”. Paul stated that he had spoken to the Manziel and urged him to check into rehab, but his attempts were unsuccessful. Paul had also informed the Denton Sheriff officer that he believed that his son could be suicidal.

A statement was released by the Browns, stating that Manziel will be released before the league begins. The owner of Brown’s, stated that he has not been able to reach the player. “Johnny has not responded to us, but we’ll do anything we can to help him personally and our thoughts and prayers are with Johnny and his family,…We’re not worried about Johnny Manziel the football player, we’re worried about Johnny Manziel the person, and I think that’s all we need to say on the issue.”

How Bill Buckner Became a Scapegoat for the City of Boston

By Phin Upham

In 1986, the New York Mets and the Boston Red Sox dueled for the World Series title. The two teams were bitter rivals in the eyes of their fans, and that part is important. How fans perceived what happened in this series had an intriguing effect on one man’s life.

It was game 6 in the bottom of the tenth inning. Kevin Mitchell was on third, Ray Knight on first. The feeling was tense. The Red Sox were sitting on two outs, with just one more strike to go. It would be their first title win in 68 years, but the Mets were prepared to duke it out.

They’d come back from a point deficit to tie the game. This was literally a make or break moment.

Mookie Wilson hit a slow roller toward first base and several things happened at once. Bill Buckner moved up on the ground ball and attempted to grab it closer to the first base bag. He was afraid of Mitchell’s speed and wanted to react quickly. He set his glove down and ran through a drill every pee-wee baseball player goes through: fielding a ground ball. Only he missed.

Bill Buckner

The crowds erupted, and the moment would haunt Buckner throughout his career. He would later play for the California Angels, eventually accumulating 2,700 hits over a career of twenty years. But Boston fans couldn’t bring themselves to forgive him until 2008. Buckner was invited to throw the first pitch to his former teammate Dwight Evans during the unfurling of the 2007 Championship banner. Buckner had retired in 1990, the moment long past him. He finally received a four minute standing ovation and a proper greeting back to Boston.

Phin Upham is an investor from NYC and SF. You may contact Phin on his Phin Upham website or Twitter page.